Monday, April 22, 2013


On the northwest corner of the square in Greensburg, Indiana sits an unassuming little store.  Picker’s Paradise has a sign on the side of the building, but lets the merchandise in the front windows speak for it in the front.  Once you get inside, you never know what you are going to find! 

The store is set up in individual booths, with a path running through the middle, down one side and up the other.  Each booth is a little different, so you have to be on your toes.  Some booths are neat as a pin and have things laid out for you to easily see.
A place for Everything, and Everything in it's place.
 Others have treasures packed behind treasures.  
How many puppies can you find?
Some booths have a sign that lets you know the contents within are on sale- we like those signs! 
20% off!  Woo!

My mom and I visit Picker’s at least once a week.  In fact, in our family my mom is lovingly referred to as an “Extreme Picker!”  She has been known to forego eating lunch in order to spend more time “picking”.  So for this blog, I went straight to the expert.   I asked Mom to give me her philosophy on picking, and this is what she said: 

“I approach shopping at Picker’s Paradise one of two ways: 
1.   I look for something in particular.  For instance, I may look for furniture to match my other furniture, wall decorations, baskets, etc. 
2.  I just browse to see if they have anything I might want/need.
The first approach can be the most frustrating.  I need patience to wait for that certain piece, but I always know it when I see it!  Sometimes it happens right away; then again it can take weeks.  The second approach is the most fun, because I am just checking things out and I might find something and think “Wow, that would go with....”  Sometimes I don't even think about needing something, and then when I see, I think “Wow, that work great....”  And then I know that I need it!”

Last week, Mom and I took a walk around Picker’s Paradise to illustrate how to properly "pick."  For this trip, we combined the two approaches from above to be able to find items that illustrate the amazing things you can discover.  

Here is the story of our visit, complete with lots of pictures.  It also shows that we played our favorite game while we were there- "Rooster"  (For some reason that has long been forgotten, our family yells "Rooster!" every time we see one.)  This was an especially fun trip for "Roostering" this time.  "Rooster" is not a necessity for "Proper Picking," but it is entertaining nonetheless.  So, without further ado...

 Mom and I went Picker’s Paradise and we found:


and birdhouses 


    and bears
and purses

and this hat!
Of course I need a pink cowboy hat! 
We found things I can't live without
So what if I'm allergic to milk?  I NEED the cheese grinder!

and things I didn't know I needed until I saw it! 
This photo of two chairs will go perfectly with my new hat!

We found things that are 
way too cool to pass up
A cow vase?  Yes, please!

and things too scary to leave! 
Pretty sure I saw this torture device in a Chuckie Movie...

We found furniture 

with a ROOSTER! 

       We found dolls 

and bears

and dolls and bears!

We found tools for a new profession 
Shoe shine, anyone?


Fun things for sports fans 
                 Treasures for the avid collector     
A collection of Simpsons statues?  Cowabunga!
and this hat! 
Top O' the mornin'!

We found food you can't eat 

Food you can eat


   Candles that smell
     as good as food

                   And things that may      
                 make food (but we aren't sure- 
                    what the heck is this thing???)

We found these hats...

I think these are supposed to go on a door or something...

And this hat, that I'm pretty sure I was wearing backwards...
Oops! Hee Hee!

   We found cars 

and jewelry 

 And a cheetah, two fish, a goose, a pig, a sheep, a camel, a walrus, a puppy, two cats, a cow and lion, 

this adorable puppy
Why haven't I gone back and
bought this yet?  Seriously???

and a ROOSTER! 

We found all of these things (in less than an hour, mind you!), and we just scratched the surface of the store.  And what's even better is that there is another one just like it and owned by the same people in Columbus

If you have a few minutes or a few hours, take the time to check out Picker's Paradise.  And when you are ready to purchase all of the amazing treasures that you have found, you will see this sign behind that counter that will make your day:

Happy Picking!