Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mushroom Hunting in the Rain

Some of my favorite memories of growing up in the northern part of Decatur County revolve around the woods that encompass most of my parent's land.  My brothers and I used to go out and explore- climbing down the "cliffs", crossing the "rivers" and searching for anything new and exciting we could find to do.  I loved being outdoors, and the vibrant greens of those treks through nature was one of the things I missed the most when I lived away.  I've really enjoyed being back and living "in nature" again.

Between work, board meetings, baseball and church, our family has been on the go for almost three weeks straight.  By yesterday, all four of us were showing signs of the toll it was taking on us- mentally and physically.  So today we made the conscious decision to just relax and recoup some of our energy at home. 

It rained most of the morning, but slacked off in the early part of the afternoon.  It was a little cool and a little wet; it was perfect for mushroom hunting.  I have so many memories of my family mushroom hunting when I was growing up, and this weather just screamed mushrooms to me.  When I realized that neither of my boys, nor my husband had ever been morel hunting, we remedied that situation immediately.  

Today I took my family mushroom hunting, but we found far more than mushrooms.  Today we found:

  • That you don't have to take the golf cart everywhere, and that walking can actually be enjoyable.
  • That it can be raining out in the open, but under the canopy of the trees you’ll never be able to tell.
  • That there are amazing textures to find everywhere.
Mom:  What is that?
Cole:  Lamb's Wool.  No, Ear Lamb.  No, Lamb's Ear!  That's it!
  • That it’s easy to leap across a creek, but it so much more fun for Daddy to pull you across as you jump!
  • That thorns and vines both attack, but it is best if you only attack one of those back. 
"Um, Mommy...."
  • That sometimes you have to go off the path to find the best things.
  • That neither one of my city kids can climb a tree (for that I am truly ashamed!)
  • That once finally climbed, a tree can suddenly become a race car, a horsie or a dragon. 
"Vrooom vrooooom!"
  • That you can go over it, under it, through it or around it, but sometimes you just have to go.
  • That you don’t always have to go the same way to end up in the same place.
  • That sticks are amazingly fun toys. 

      We spent almost two hours wandering through the woods.  We didn't find a single morel mushroom, but honestly, that’s to be expected.  Instead, we found laughter, fun, a future site for a fort and time to spend with each other that wasn't rushed or structured.  I wouldn't trade this afternoon for a whole bucket of mushroom.