Thursday, January 24, 2013

Have you met Maya?

Just off the square in Greensburg is a little restaurant called Mayasari’s Indonesian Grill.  It has a small, unassuming storefront that is marked with an image of a distinctly tribal-looking person/creature.  The first time I laid eyes on the image, I just knew I was in for a treat!  I walked in, took a seat and spotted a small Indonesian woman hurrying toward me.  She introduced herself as “Maya”, and my culinary world has never been the same.

Maya, the owner of Mayasari’s, has brought a fusion of Indonesian and American cuisine to Greensburg.  I had never tried Indonesian food before I met Maya, but she opened my eyes to a whole new world of flavors and food.  Every day, Maya serves up some menu staples- curry, egg rolls, fried rice, hamburgers, chicken to name a few- and then she will also often have a special of the day.  I have tried the beef ribs, seafood soup, several lamb dishes and quite a few others including some amazing desserts.  I've been to Mayasari’s at least once almost every week since I moved back to town, and she keeps enticing me back with new menu items.  I've gone alone, with lunch buddies, and even with my kids, who also love Mayasari’s.  Maya has incorporated a kid’s menu of items that are familiar to a child, but still have her Indonesian flare.  My kids’ favorite is chicken wrapped in bacon on a stick.  Seriously, what kid doesn't like food on a stick?

I have to say, though, that the best part of “Mayasari’s” is Maya herself.  I have a lot of food allergies, and Maya has bent over backward to make sure I can eat healthy and tasty food- safely.  (I wrote about that on my other blog- ***here is a link*** if you want to read more about Maya’s allergy-friendly foods.)  She knows my kid’s names and she greets me as a friend every time I walk in the door.  She is always grateful for anyone who comes to her restaurant, and she expresses her gratitude every time someone walks in the door.  I’m glad Maya found my hometown, and I’m thankful that I found her!


  1. So excited about your new blog! Just tried Maya's sushi Saturday and I'm definitely addicted. I look forward to reading about more of your local adventures! -Lori

    1. Thanks Lori! I noticed this comment when you posted it almost a week ago, and then I clicked through and got lost in the pictures on your blog- what a great idea! Anyway, thanks for the enthusiasm for this project, and thanks for visiting Maya's. We definitely want to keep her around!