Friday, January 18, 2013

The Destination Between Destinations

When I was growing up in Greensburg, Indiana, there used to be a sign on the interstate boldly proclaiming that Greensburg was, “Your Destination between Destinations!”  Apologies to whomever wrote the slogan, but I always thought that it was hilarious and just a little sad.  Think about it- according to the sign Greensburg isn't where you started and it isn't where you want to end up; it is right in the middle.  The sign might as well have read, “Greensburg- a great place to stop and pee!” 

When I went away to college, I let that sign determine how I viewed my hometown.  I thought of it as just someplace out in the middle of nowhere- someplace where you didn't really have a reason to stop.  (Unless, of course, you counted the tree in the sky- and why exactly was there a tree in the sky???)  But now that I am older, I realize that our little hamlet in the middle of nowhere is actually a decent little city in the middle of somewhere- and not a bad place to live, either. 

My husband and I recently decided to move back to Greensburg after being away for 17 years.  It seems that when we were away growing up ourselves, Greensburg grew up a little bit, as well.  We have additional restaurants now, and our very own movie theater! (Hey, that may not seem like a big deal to you, but talk to the people who dated in the 80’s and 90’s- a theater and more restaurant choices are welcome additions to the City!)

I want other people to see Greensburg the way that I see it now- full of traditions and potential for the future.  I will be writing this blog to share my new found knowledge and respect for my hometown.  I will be covering some of the traditional events that have happened for years, as well as some of the new opportunities that have become available.  I don’t think that Greensburg is your “destination between destinations”. Instead, I think it can be just “THE Destination.”  And lucky for me, it is once again simply “home.”


  1. In 2006 my family found a house an some property on a website. At the time we lived in a subdivision in Southern California, traffic , smog and the increase in crime had us feeling we needed a simpler life for ourselves and our children. This house in Decatur County, Near Greensburg seemed to be perfect. We actually loved that it was a half way point between many destinations, we loved that it was a small town. My husband has family in Indiana, but they are in the Richmond area. On Monday I called Remax (the Griewe Family) they sent us some pictures, the kids and hubby were excited. Long story short, we threw caution to the wind, put an offer in on the home (site unseen) and in a few short months moved to Decatur County Indiana, and we are happy we did. It has just enough to keep the small town feel, and if you need the "BIG CITY" its just a short drive away.

  2. How far is Westport Covered bridge from Greensburg? Am visiting this weekend. Thanks!

  3. Donate to Greensburg newest community outreach program.